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Kenneth Stern on Rugby, Real Estate, and RE/MAX

Published : July 30, 2018 Blog

When you ask young people what career they’d want to pursue, many would mention a career in healthcare or in law. It is also safe to bet that a good number of them would say a career in the creatives industry, particularly graphic design, while others would definitely want to become entrepreneurs. However, not a lot of young people would say that they’d want a career in real estate selling, which is why Kenneth Stern, Country Manager of global real estate brokerage firm RE/MAX Philippines, seems a bit of an exception…

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How to Build an Effective Personal Brand in Real Estate

Published : July 25, 2018 Blog

Investing in your personal brand is a no-nonsense way to generate awareness for your business, establish your reputation as a reliable professional, and stand out in your market. In association with Penbrothers, global real estate brokerage firm RE/MAX Philippines has recently organized a talk on personal branding and invited esteemed speakers to share their insights on the subject. Here, we summarize the speakers’ tips on how to build and cultivate an effective personal brand.

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